Bloody Mary’s – Myth and Origins

The origin myths of the Bloody Marys are as unclear as that of the tomato juice used to make it. However, there is a general consensus among cocktail historians that one story is closest to the truth. The story involves Fernand Petiot, a bartender who created a basic version of the product while working in Paris at Harry’s New York Bar in the 1920s. Following Prohibition, Fernand, or “Pete” as he was commonly known, introduced the drink at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan, while working at the establishment’s King Cole Bar. For some time, the drink was known as the Red Snapper as it represented more delicate American sensibilities. Soon, Pete started combining the cocktail with various seasonings including celery salt, lemon juice, Tabasco sauce, and horseradish. The trend caught on, giving birth to a classic.

Other theories have been put forward explaining the Bloody Mary’s origin. One of the most fanciful storylines is that the cocktail dates back to the mid-1550s during the reign of Queen Mary 1 of England. According to the Weekly World News, the tomato juice symbolizes the blood spilled, while vodka represents the brutal ways that the Queen used to execute martyrs. In 1939, George Jessel, a comedian, also claimed to be the inventor of the drink.

Part of what appeals to Blood Mary’s enthusiasts, especially weekend home bartenders is that it is not a spirits-inspired drink. The vodka and tomato juice create a black canvas where someone has the opportunity to exercise freehand artistry using spices — a touch of clam juice and horseradish for some, and more black pepper for others. Bloody Mary is a concoction that does not need a jigger, instead just a touch of culinary finesse. It is to exquisite mixology what Chicken Supreme is to Le Cordon Bleu.

One important thing to always keep in mind is that this drink is not meant to be consumed during the evening. Folks who drink Bloody Marys after the sun has set have a personality defect and should be avoided by all means. It is however a great hangover antidote, and those who consume it during the morning hours should be regarded as people of unerring discernment and great knowledge.

The ingredients include vodka (2 oz), tomato juice (4 oz), fresh lemon juice (0.25 oz), two dashes of Tabasco sauce, three dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a quarter tablespoon of horseradish, two to three dashes of celery salt, two dashes of celery bitters, pepper, salt, pint glass, and garnish.

The preparation will vary depending on your preferences. The tomato juice and the vodka are the black canvas. Start by adding these two ingredients to the pint glass. The next step is to add the other ingredients to the mix based on your preferences. Add ice and stir the drink to combine. Garnish with pickled green bean, celery rib, a lemon wedge, or anything else that you prefer. Although, the taste may vary depending on how you mix up your ingredients, the basic roots (tomato juice and vodka) shine throughout.…


Why Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is Unique?

Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients

The Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is a complex cocktail and relies on several ingredients. Some of these ingredients include garlic powder, onion powder, celery seed, orange juice concentrate, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservatives), cayenne pepper puree (vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper), salt, spices, sugar, horseradish (artificial flavoring, horseradish, salt, water, distilled vinegar), lemon juice concentrate, Worcestershire sauce concentrate (tamarind, spices, sugar, sea salt, molasses, vinegar), tomato paste and water.

One of the ingredients of Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is orange juice concentrate. What orange juice concentrate does to the mix adds a touch of acidity, without being too basic as lime or lemon juice. The mix also features the lowest sodium content (eighteen percent), as compared to other big brands with a big market share in traditional grocery stores. Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix uses ingredients that are gluten-free, vegan, and GMO-free. Unlike most of the bestselling mixes from big-name brands, Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix tastes relatively fresh and doesn’t feature high fructose corn syrup. Another unique ingredient worth a mention is the Worcestershire sauce concentrate. This is an ingredient that you do not often find in pre-made Bloody Mary mixes. More often than not, you have to add this item to bring out the best flavor in your drink. With this “already there for you” ingredient, Hoosier Momma makes creating a Bloody Mary Mix very easy.

Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is presented in a beautiful large bottle with a unique label that portrays a pin-up woman decked out in red. From the Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix bottle, you can see several spices floating around the delicious mix, the most notable ones being horseradish and black pepper. You can easily tell that the Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix has a nice touch of consistency to it.

Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix tastes subtle and nice, with a little hint of heat. If you do not like your Bloody Marys spicy, then Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is for you. It features the ideal touch of tang for people who prefer non-spicy Bloody Marys. The flavors are quite unique. The orange juice concentrate offers a delightful hint of acidity that’s not as strong as lime or lemon juice. Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is so hearty and full of flavor that you could drink it by itself. The mix smells nice and rich, exploding with deep scents of tomato and pepper.

Key Notes
One of the unique things about Hoosier Momma’s Bloody Mary Maker is that it was initially made for Indiana-inspired Super Bowl gifts and small distribution workers at the Indy Winters Farmers Market (remember that famous 855-245-7098 jingle?). Hoosier Momma has expanded tremendously, while still maintaining the ingredients and fresh flavors that most famous brands stop using after they achieve superstar status. Hoosier Momma is also owned by women, which demonstrates the great success women entrepreneurs can achieve and is therefore inspiring to women across the world.…


Hoosier Momma’s Original Bloody Mary Mix

Hoosier Momma was created by Indy-based founders Erin Edds and KC Cranfill. The two owners have come a long way since founding and making the initial batch of Bloody Mary Mix, served and mixed up by Erin Edds more than 10 years ago at the Indy Winter Farmers Market. Hoosier Momma was first prepared during the Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 when Indian-inspired products were required for gift baskets during an Indianapolis Colts game. Erin Edds and KC Cranfill decided to make a Bloody Mary mix using tomatoes grown in Indianapolis. Indiana has a reputation for producing tasty tomatoes, and nothing would be better for a gift basket than a tomato-y, alcohol-inspired product. The two ladies sold the surplus products at the farmers’ market. The product quickly gained popularity among locals, being praised for being full-flavored and original. After realizing the business potential of the product, Erin Edds and KC Cranfill decided to create Hoosier Momma. Today, they count celebrity chefs such as Art Smith and Ted Allen as some of their admirers and have inspired many lunch and brunch dining establishments to become devoted to Hoosier Momma.

The Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Mix is one of the most common mixes in most of the major Indy sporting events. The mix is also popular in other parts of the country and is distributed to national grocery market chains, hotels, bars, and stores in the midwest. Connecticut-based co-founder Cat Hill represents the mix on the East Coast.

So what is the fuss all about? Anybody can mix vodka and tomato juice, but it takes a bit of skill to create a real homemade Bloody Mary drink. The drink needs to have equal parts spicy and smoky, with the right kind and amount of garnishes and tomatoes. The Bloody Mary Mix has been dubbed the most complex cocktail in the world for a reason.

Erin Edds and KC Cranfill offer an already perfected cocktail. Hoosier Momma offers different mixes including the original, two types of margarita mixes, as well as a spicy mix. Although these mixes can be found in a Louisiana Walmart today, they are Hoosier to the core. Including the product’s bottles which are inspired by the vintage milk bottles used by the Indy 500 winners.

As mentioned earlier, a Bloody Mary is among the most complex cocktails in the world to make. It makes the most of all the 5 basic tastes: umami, bitterness, saltiness, sourness, and sweetness. There is no one size fits all when it comes to Bloody Mary, and the perfect cocktail depends on the taste of the drinker. The ingredients are best used fresh. It is always a good idea to use recently made, clean ice since old ice tends to have odors and flavors from the freezer.…